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December 19, 2017

Equine Therapies Ireland & Back on Track

Working Together

Hi Folks, Niamh here from Equine Therapies Ireland, offering your horse an intuitive approach to equine healing. This week I am proud to announce Equine Therapies Ireland’s recent affiliation with Back on Track. Back on Track are a Swedish brand of therapeutic products. These products are designed to give the patient  support and pain relief for both acute and chronic symptoms.

Back on Track Formula:

These products offer a unique formula. This formula allows the wearer to use the products 24 hours a day if they need to. This is possible because of the innovative Welltex particles that are interwoven into the products fibres. This ceramic based fibre acts reflectively on the skin and returns the body’s own infrared heat back to provide comfort and healing. Every living being emits long wave infrared heat from their body. This infrared heat has a scientifically proven therapeutic healing effect and because it is the body’s own emission it is safe to wear the products for as long as the patient seeks to.

Products Available For – Horses, Humans and Dogs

I first learned about Back on Track when I was training in the United States in 2014, I feel these products will offer clients great relief here especially because of our damp Irish climate. Damp is notoriously bad for the body and exacerbates any joint pain that horses feel. The great thing about Back on Track is that they have a range of products for horses, dogs and even humans, so I can offer pain relief to the horse rider as well as their pet dog; as most horsey people love dogs too!

Product Reviews Coming Soon:

I have ordered products for myself and my horse Dan. I will subsequently be able to write reviews over the coming weeks. This summer Dan received steroid injections into both hock joints for chronic arthritis. The steroids helped hugely, both in his straightness and his joint flexion. Steroids act as a super anti-inflammatory in the body but like everything they don’t last forever. Horses average repeat injections at least every year to eighteen months. I hope that by using the Back on Track Hock boots we won’t have to inject again for awhile.  I also suffer from Reynaud’s in my hands and feet. Because of this I have ordered Back on Track gloves and socks. My hopes is to improve overall circulation. Stay tuned for updates on all these products.  

Interested to learn more about these products you can contact me on the following number or email address. 

+353 86 021 1923 –

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