Welcome to Equine Therapies Ireland

Equine Therapies Ireland’s aim is to provide you and your horse with a sympathetic approach. To offer individual and integrated treatments to facilitate effective maintenance and rehabilitation of the whole body.

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Equine Therapies Ireland is a results driven practice that offers you and your horse a unique service. Horses are prey and herd animals therefore instinctively mask pain and tension to “stay safe”.  Niamh Fitzpatrick’s training has provided her with the ability to read the horse’s body language and therefore their neurological responses to discomfort. This enables her to provide lasting relief for your horse.

Knowing how to work with your horse, Niamh can help them let go of deep rooted tensions. This is what helps to achieve lasting results. Niamh fully empathises and works with your horse. She uses the art of listening to understand your horse’s needs. This is what makes Equine Therapies Ireland unique.

How Equine Therapies Ireland can help your horse?

In today’s highly competitive sporting arena our horses are asked to perform under intense pressure. Consistently performing at this maximum  capacity can have a negative impact on their physical and emotional states. 

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Horses competing at high speeds and over large obstacles are at risk of impact injuries should they fall.

Equine Therapies Ireland’s uses an integrated approach by combining a variety of therapies. We work with you and your horse to find the best treatment plan.



  • Increase blood and energy flow throughout the body
  • Release tensions held in the soft tissues around joints and vertebrae allowing the body to relax & heal
  • Break up soft tissue adhesions including scar tissue and muscle spasm
  • Encourage muscle development through improved circulation & lymphatic drainage
  • Relax connective tissues & allow the body to structurally recalibrate 
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase range of motion of joints
  • Eliminate negative behaviors as the horse is allowed to communicate discomfort
  • Activate the self healing mechanism of the horse’s own body