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October 12, 2016

Niamh Fitzpatrick started her journey with horses at a young age at a local riding school. Her 20s saw her take a break from horses as she spent time travelling and carving out a career in Financial Services. In 2010 Niamh Fitzpatrick got the opportunity to visit a dude ranch in Tucson, Arizona, she came home determined to immerse herself back in the horse world. Very soon after her return she bought herself a beautiful ex-racehorse, Dynamo Dan. Niamh Fitzpatrick believes that Dan played an integral role in her future. Full of enthusiasm she set about working with and schooling Dan. Her goal was to take up riding club eventing but Dan had other ideas.

She met with a variety of issues over a prolonged period and despaired. Niamh couldn’t understand how her horse, who was quite a pleasure on the ground, could turn into such a difficult animal under saddle. She tried different trainers, gadgets, feed and shoes; in addition to a handful of bodywork sessions but was losing all hope. Dan bucked, spooked, shied, refused to go forward and eventually started rearing. Looking back she can easily see Dan was doing his best to communicate with her but at the time she lacked the skill and sensitivity to tune in.

Following a change in circumstances in 2012 Niamh was inspired by her love of horses and decided to invest in a significant career change.

She started training to become a Masterson Method Practitioner in late 2012. During her training she realised that her own sensitivities would require some fine tuning and so began her personal development journey.

She embraced all that colleagues, mentors and most importantly the horse could teach her. She travelled to the UK and the USA to hone her skills and met some amazing people and horses in the meantime. Additionally she studied Equine Biomechanics, Gait Analysis and Lameness at Whittle College (UK,) under Barbara Crabbe DMV, MS, to broaden her knowledge and get a better understanding of the difficulties faced by the veterinary industry while attempting to diagnose equine conditions.

Dr. Crabbe is a contributing editor to Horse and Rider magazine and a frequent contributor and member of the advisory board for Dressage Today magazine. Her articles have won numerous American Horse Publications awards, and in 2007 she saw her book Comprehensive Guide to Equine Veterinary Medicine published by Sterling publishing, a large New York publishing company.

Horse’s being prey and herd animals do their best to mask pain until it is difficult for them to do so. This trait makes the veterinarians and body workers job a lot more difficult.

Back in Ireland Niamh was fortunate to spend some time observing local equine veterinarians at work to gain a practical understanding and appreciation for the work they do. She is a firm believer that all experts in the equine industry should work together harmoniously for the well being of the horse and will endeavour to do so within her practice.

Following Niamh’s Masterson Method Certification, in June 2014, she attended a Myofascial Release Training event in Geneva with Ruth Mitchell-Golladay. MFR therapy was another skill that Niamh was keen to add to her tool box.

Jim Masterson already utilised some MFR techniques in his integrated therapies so it made sense for Niamh to acquire the full training.

In late 2014 Niamh decided to embark upon further training, in an even more subtle form of healing facilitation, so she began attending Quantum Coherence Therapy training with Stuart Breen of the Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association. Niamh has worked with some extremely sensitive horses where a mere presence can feel too invasive to them, this among other things is what led her to pursue training in one of the most subtle forms of healing.

With Niamh’s considerable change in career paths it was necessary for her to spend significant time and energy developing her own sensitivities. She knew this was essential in order for her to be the best that she could be to facilitate healing for any animals or humans that came into her life. In order to develop and maintain these sensitivities Niamh embarked on a journey of personal development and now practices daily and consistent self care, comprised of Tai Chi Chuan, meditation, regular holistic treatment sessions with either Stuart Breen or Chris McMahon, among other things.

Over the past few years Niamh has considerably changed both her life and her attitude to life. She is happier than ever and being located in the heart of horse country, Co. Kildare Ireland, she hopes that she can bring much relief to both horses and owners in the area. Although Niamh believes there are many horses in her local area she is willing to travel as appropriate.

BA Hon Business Degree – Dublin Business School
Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method™ – MMCP
Equine Myofascial Release Training
Equinenergy – Equine Biomechanics, Lameness, and Gait Abnormalities
Certified Equine Thermographer (EquineIR™) – CET
Certified Level I Infrared Thermographer (ITC) – CIT
Member EquineIR™, an International Network of Certified Thermographers
Fetac Level 6 – Train the Trainer
Quantum Coherence Therapy (QCT) – Practitioner
Indian Head Massage Therapist – For Human Clients
CPD – Equine Therapists Guide to Checking Saddle Fit
CPD – US Equine Chiropractor Daniel Kamen’s Manipulation & Mobilisation Techniques
CPD – Certificate K-Active Taping – Special Course Taping for Horses
CPD – Whole Horse Dissection by Sharon May-Davis http://

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