“I hugely recommend Niamh from Equine Therapies Ireland. Her in Depth knowledge and understanding of the horse’s body and her approach in using subtle yet powerful techniques have given my competition horses that extra they needed to perform better. I have experienced great changes both physically and mentally in my horses, many liveries had their horses treated too seeing great improvements. Thanks Niamh for making a difference and helping them to become happier athletes! I’m looking forward to competing in the New Year!”

Sandra Blake Farrell – Dollanstown Stud – 04/12/16 

“Niamh treated my horse on Wednesday. The complete turn around in my boy since! He is floating around, flexible, comfortable and happy! Thank you 💚”

Shannon Cusson – 04/12/16 

“Having tried everything including supplements, vet visits and lots of different treatments on my horse who loves his jumping but had started refusing and not feeling 100% sound, a friend recommended Niamh. I was AMAZED with the improvements after only one visit, he was noticeably more supple and willing to flex, happier in himself and much more alert. He has a whole new attitude and actually enjoys his work again. Niamh shows a genuine interest in your horse and will spend as much time as it takes to get results. She kept in constant contact between his first and second sessions to see how he was progressing. Niamh is extremely thorough and great at what she does. I can’t recommend her enough! You need to see the work she does to believe it. No review can do it justice.”

Rachel Kearns – Commons View Stables 09/09/16 

“Niamh worked with Sally our pony on two occasions, and we were so happy with what she did to help Sally. Niamh was very thorough and spent a long time working with Sally. The results were immediate, and we have seen a huge improvement in Sally. My 12 year old daughter rides Sally, and it has been great to see both a happy Pony and a happy child! I cannot recommend Niamh highly enough!”

Leigh Troost 19/05/16 

“Cannot recommend Niamh enough absolutely love the way she works communicating and really listening to the horse, after having 2 bad falls off my usually very quiet laid back horse at the start of the year, Niamh was able to tell me that her saddle was causing her great discomfort and within 2 sessions she’s a new horse so happy in herself moving freely and I have even started back riding and a few weeks ago I was so nervous I wouldn’t have even thought of riding her again, thanks so much Niamh from Amy and Molly”

Amy Quirke 13/05/16 

“Niamh happened to come in to treat a friends horse in my yard one day and I was so intrigued by her work and its energy and its process and the proof was in the horses response to its process.

Really this treatment is something you have got to give your horse an experience off to witness the results.

I had Niamh treat my horse that day and after one session the next day I could ride him and he felt amazing and free throughout his whole body. He hadn’t felt that good in a long time. I had to have her back after he started to get tight in his body and back, from the volume of work and competition, and he feels great again. Ideally for competition horses they need more regular treatment no different than top athletes who need treatment to help realign, and alleviate tension in their muscles before the onset of an injury due to lack of preventative treatment.

Niamh is very open about her work and its process and gives an extremely thorough treatment. The horses really respond to her beautiful calm yet secure presence.”

Nicola Coffey 18/04/16 

“Niamh is very professional and kind to treated horses, was a bit sceptic about this method, but after seeing my horse respond to it deeply, changed my mind. I liked specific chart of my horse’s condition and problems, and detailed follow up with emails. Highly recommend Niamh, she doses believe in her job and is excellent in it. Definitely will call back again. Thank you from Brego.”

Anna Szczepanska 15/04/16 

“I am so impressed with Niamh. She has treated several of the horses at the yard and everyone is doing great since her treatment. Her attitude to the horses and understanding is a rare find. I would highly recommend Niamh from Equine Therapies Ireland”

Sarah Brady – Parelli Ireland – 19/03/16 

“Niamh is amazing, spent time with my horse who had a very sore back for a few weeks and he is 100% again. Thanks so much”

Zohra Smyth 29/03/16 

“Really recommend Niamh. She really understands horses and the techniques are very subtle. She even managed to get my horse (who is terrified of strangers touching his face) to allow her to do a lot of work which involved her practically hugging his head. Needless to say I was shocked!! Would highly recommend niamh to anyone :)”

Lisa Creevey 12/03/16 

“Honestly, I cannot recommend Niamh enough!! She is incredible!! I have a beautiful conemara who was in a bad way from a fall, along with some other issues. After 1 session Niamh could give me a thorough description on the mare, from physical state to mental to emotional to well….everything!!! Niamh wanted every detail of the mare and was in touch often, both before and after seeing her. She did an absolutely super job and I will definitely be getting her back! Thanks so so much Niamh!!”

Davina Marron 23/01/16 

“A big thank you from the UK Niamh let us know when you next here I’m seeing very positive results”

Sam Naylor 10/12/15 (UK)

“Niamh was recommended by a friend of mine, and I wasn’t disappointed! I could visibly see my mare react to the treatment straight away, the points of trouble were found quickly and I could see she was getting relief. Afterwards, Niamh passed me on really helpful info, recommended contacts for further treatment and a detailed report of the work she had done. I loved the personal touch too, Niamh was very easy to talk to and her obvious love for horses made me feel I could fully trust her with my mare.”

Leah Kelly 20/11/15

“Thank you so much Niamh for giving Charlie back his youth….he no longer walks out with what had become his trade mark stride….kind of string halt carriage. After one session it has gone. Rode him yesterday and he is soft and supple after 4 months off from an ill fitting saddle. He is a new horse and he’s loving life!! Can’t wait to see him after a few more sessions. Your work is amazing…..thank you.”

Polly Farrell 27/09/15

“Hi Niamh, thank you so much for the work you did on JP yesterday. Prior to you working on him he was dragging both hind legs and today when I lunged him he didn’t drag a toe once! I am so delighted and look forward to seeing how much better he gets with your next sessions:)”

Niamh O’Rourke 4/6/14

“Hi Niamh, thank you for all of your hard work on JP! He has been given the all clear from UCD to be ridden under saddle!! I really appreciate everything you did:) they couldn’t believe the difference in him:)”

Niamh O’Rourke 23/6/14

“I have worked with and been around horses since the age of 12. Now I hunt whenever I can. Over the years I have seen various treatments, some good and some just ok. I met Niamh Fitzpatrick when my own horse was experiencing stiffness and soreness after being hunting. She came to help and I saw a massive improvement over a very short period. I have no hesitation in recommending Niamh and her treatments. She is dedicated, committed, honest and reliable in her work.”

Dermot McDowell 2014

“Lola was a lot easier handled after her treatments with Niamh. She was very tight in the back end and moving a lot easier after treatments and back in training. She was not lazy but dragging a bit behind but was lifting through much better after. Niamh is very thorough and works on the whole horse. She is very considerate to people and animals. Also very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Niamh’s treatments.”

Charlie O’Flatherty 2013 – 2015

“I can’t sing Niamh’s praises enough. My young horse tends to get tense and caught up. His sessions with Niamh have proved hugely beneficial allowing him to let go of any muscle tension and resulting stiffness. The difference in his movement, paces and attitude is amazing. I cannot recommend Niamh highly enough!!”

Jenny Cunning 2015

“I have worked around horses in particular race horses for about 15 years. I have both ridden in races and trained them. I asked Niamh to look at a few horses in the yard as a few of them were moving badly and hanging to the left. She worked on them for a few weeks. Each time she worked on them you could instantly see the stress and pain leaving them. They started to relax. By the time she was finished they were like different horses. The next day they rode out they were moving better and seemed much more relaxed. One in particular went from hanging to the left and tail swishing to forward going in a peaceful manner. A huge improvement. I can’t say in words the difference it made. It was amazing. I would highly recommend Niamh. She is easy to deal with and very friendly”.

Caroline Moody 2013

“I found Niamh Fitzpatrick to be highly professional and talented to deal with. Her ability to read my horse and her insight into the situation was impressive to see. He benefited greatly and instantly from her techniques and gentle manipulation”.

Maeve O’Sullivan 2015

I underwent a session of energy healing from Niamh recently, prior to arrival I was stressed and my body felt out of balance, Niamh was extremely professional and listened to my concerns. I found the treatment to be beneficial and relaxing, both that evening and when the treatment finished and the days that followed. Niamh is extremely gifted at what she does and I will be making it my business to book in with her on a regular basis.

Kate Bracken 2015

“I went to visit Niamh to avail of her energy healing because I felt very lethargic in myself and found getting up for work every morning challenging. My fist session: Niamh worked on my heart, kidneys, lungs, and a lot of other areas. While she was working on me I could actually feel energies moving around my body. When we chatted later, she mentioned the areas she had worked on throughout the session; I could identify exactly the energy sensations in the exact areas she had mentioned. I have had about four sessions now, I find myself very much energised and the lethargy has very much dissipated. I feel quite bright within myself and I’m looking at the world in a very positive light again. I would recommend Niamh whole – heartedly, her calmness, openness and energizing capabilities are amazing. Enjoy!”

Anonymous 2015

“Thanks so much for fixing my Achilles tendons! After our session, I could touch and pinch them, which really hurt before. I also felt ever so relaxed in my entire body. Interestingly, you highlighted the same period organs as the Chinese Masseur I go to regularly”.

Ylva Lawsson 2015 – Sweden

“Niamh was reliable, professional and yet very comfortable to be around, would visit again and recommend to others. I’m jealous of the horses! Niamh was a pleasure to work with and I’ve benefited greatly from both the distance and contact QCT. I hope she decides to work on people too. Not being too familiar with QCT practices, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Niamh. However not only was she extremely comforting to be around but she displayed great knowledge of the practice and the wider field of TCM. I look forward to more as my stress and pain issues have decreased since our sessions together. Being somewhat of a sceptic, I wasn’t sure what to expect from QCT. These not only put my concerns to rest but also explained to QCT practices in a way I could relate to and understand. Our session brought benefits far outside the immediate calm and peace I felt afterwards.”

Gregory Jackson 2015

“Having reviewed Niamhs facebook page, I called Niamh to come to do a treatment on my stiff mare not really knowing what was going to happen.  Niamh arrived and looked at the mare moving in the yard and then brought her back into the stable where the real work started.  Niamh was extremely gentle and non intrusive and it was obvious that the mare was enjoying the treatment.  Prior to the treatment she had been very uncomfortable in a number of areas but as Niamh worked on her it was obvious the mare was letting go of tensions and Niamh was able to release a number of restrictions.   The treatment lasted just over an hour and afterwards the mare was freer in her movements and this has continued even a number of weeks after the initial treatment.  I am very tempted to get the next treatment on myself!”

Karen Kelly Aug 2015

“I had my first QCT treatment with Niamh, I didn’t know what to expect although I had read about the Therapy. I lay in a calming relaxing room with soothing music in the background. I was open minded going into this Therapy and I think that in turn made it an easy and comfortable experience. I have many issues, aches and pains as I’m sure we all do, Niamh asked me was there anything particular.  My knees had been a problem and one more than the other, so Niamh concentrated on my left knee in particular.  Initially I felt an aching in my knee that lingered for a while.  While I was relaxing with my eyes closed I had a warm fuzzy feeling with white fluffy clouds and then as time passed this became bright and colourful. It’s amazing that it is your own energy that is doing your healing with the assistance of the Therapist. I left feeling very relaxed and content within myself and felt I had more energy, my knee was achey for the rest of the day but the next day it was feeling good.  It is over two weeks now since my treatment and I have to say that both my knees are good and all my other aches and pains are not prominent in my daily life as they had been before.  My shoulder sometimes requires physio if I have been overdoing things, recently my shoulder was troubling me and usually after few days might need physio, but not this time, after a good rest the next day I was feeling ok.  In this last two weeks I seem to have more energy and feel full of life, doing more walking, which I love to do, which my knees and back would stop me sometimes.
I will definitely have further treatments as a continued maintenance for self healing of my body.  It seems to me that with our busy lifestyles and sometimes stressful it is our bodies that take the brunt of it all and we need to use some of that energy to re heal.”

Freda Hadlum Aug 2015

“I hired Niamh from Equine Therapies Ireland to work on my horse who was stiff in her shoulder. She was very good with her and Saffron was very much at ease with Niamh. Niamh didn’t rush into the work, which would be very helpful to nervous horses. The results were 100%. The stiffness was gone and she was extending beautifully once again. Very happy with Niamh and the results.”

Lisa (Meath) – July 2015