Sacroiliac Junction

The sacroiliac junction is the junction between the horse’s back (sacral spine) and their pelvic girdle, attaching at the Ilium bone. The hind end is the energy powerhouse, through which your horse strikes off each gait.

Horse’s in their natural environment, without a saddle and rider, are well equipped physically to travel on the forehand without having a negative impact on their musculoskeletal system. However, add the weight of a saddle, a rider and incorporate a dual desire for control and all of a sudden the horse’s forehand is bearing more weight than it was designed to. Especially when we remember that the shoulder is only attached and held to the body with soft tissue structures.

To avoid creating further stress on the front end we work with our horses to help them develop muscle tone and balance to take their weight back onto their hind end; think riding uphill. However to do this, without creating consternation for your horse, is it wise to be sure that your horse is not holding any tension behind which makes it difficult for them to comply.

  • Do you feel your horse struggles to track up behind?

  • Does your horse ever stumble, carry a hitch in the hind leg or sometimes drag a toe?

  • Has your horse’s impulsion become less bouncy and impulsive?

Maybe your horse has developed restrictive tension patterns in the hind end and would benefit from some bodywork.

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The Sacroiliac Junction The Sacroiliac Junction2