Shoulder / Withers Junction

The shoulder / withers junction is the junction between the shoulder, the neck and the withers or thoracic vertebrae.  This junction is an area of huge convergence of muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia travelling up from the hind end.

Estimating the average weight of a horse and knowing they carry about 65% of that weight on the front end, it’s hard to believe that the horse’s shoulder is only attached to the body through a system of soft tissue structures.

You can visualise this system like a sling, holding the horse’s trunk between the two forelimbs.

  • 1Does your horse ever feel like they are not really taking you forward?

  • Are you tired of getting comments like, “lacking engagement”, “loss of rhythm” and “could be more forward” on your dressage score sheet?

  • If so it could be that your horse is doing their best despite being restricted in their significant soft tissue structures.

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Withers Junction

Withers Junction2