If the concept of wellness is new for you, think of it as; the active state of being healthy.

Wellness is a positive approach to living life; an active process of becoming aware and making choices toward a healthier and happier more fulfilling life.

Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.

So what has this got to do with horses? Horses in many instances help humans in their quest to achieve wellness in their own lives, by supporting them on all levels. Therefore should not we, the humans, in turn offer the same gift to our horses?

By raising our awareness and subsequently making choices aimed at providing our horses with a happier and healthier existence we will encourage improved performance, an increase in vital energy, and a prolonged active existence.

Wellness for horses is a state of existence where they can feel;

  • Content in their environment
  • Happy & comfortable in their body and their work
  • Satisfied nutritionally
  • Stimulated mentally 
  • Socially fulfilled




Equine Basics

  1. How to calculate your horses weight

  2. Horse vrs Rider Weight

  3. How to take a horse’s digital pulse

  4. How to check your horse’s mouth

  5. Horse Growth Plates – When do they actually close over?

Equine Nutrition

  1. Free Equine Nutrition Course

Equine Ulcers


Sore Backs

  1. Many Causes of back pain

  2. More about back pain

Saddle Fit

  1. Saddlefit4life Demo

  2. Saddle Fit Demo – Joanna Robson DVM

  3. Cranial Nerve 11 – The bucking Response

  4. What Do the Sweat Marks Under Your Saddle Mean?

The Sacroiliac Joint

  1. What is the Sacroiliac Joint

  2. Understanding SI Pain

  3. Identify and Treat Equine Sacroiliac Problems

The Temporomandibular Joint

  1. The TMJ & the Whole Horse

  2. How to help release tension in the TMJ

Questionable Behaviors

  1. The Horse who Stumbles

The Horses Hoof

  1. CAN YOU TELL WHEN YOUR HORSE IS LAME – why not click this link and test your skills on the “Lameness Trainer Game”

  2. Lameness Head to Hoof – 1

  3. What is Navicular Disease

  4. Ex Farrier Blog on the hoof

  5. Ringbone

  6. Low Heel / High Heel Syndrome